Welcome to Adventure Camp 2022!

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Registration is closed, we’ll see you there!

You may also visit us onsite the first day if you would still like your child to attend!


At Adventure Camp, kids ages 5-11 will explore what it means to walk confidently with Jesus, and trusting God with a whole heart.  Through Bible Stories, art, nature, science and fun outdoor activities they can experience how much Jesus loves all of us, and how he has made a way for us to live ‘awesome’!  While all events are weather permitting, we try to enjoy as many of the outdoor options the park offers as we can – including hiking, boating, fishing, and swimming- while also engaging in Bible stories, games, and crafts.

This year’s adventure camp is being held at Cacapon State Park, on July 11th through the 14th, starting at 10:00am and ending close to 3:00pm, and meeting at the CCC shelter.  You can get a copy trail map by clicking here, or reviewing the zoomed screenshot:

Zoomed Section

(If having trouble, click here for an alternate view with the road highlighted in green and nearest shelters highlighted in yellow.)

Keep eyes peeled on the site calendar and this page for any supplemental information as it becomes available, and please fell free to reach out to Jenny Ellis for questions or concerns regarding Adventure Camp – or if you’d even like to help!  Her contact information is in the picture below:




Hope to hear from you soon!

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