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Join a Jesus Celebration with a community of families and friends who love Jesus and will meet for worship, fellowship, and praise!

Our Redeemer's Church at Rankin's welcomes all! Hear God's word! Sing praise songs! Feel his Holy Spirit! Fuel Fellowship! And share in the JOY of Jesus's arrival - the Light of the World!

Meet the Team


Rich Ellis


Jesus Christ is the Shepherd of The Redeemer’s Church, and Rich Ellis is honored to serve as a deputy to Him. Having served in youth ministry for over 30 years this is Rich’s first calling to provide pastoral leadership for all ages in a church.

Rich has been living with his family in Berkeley Springs for 12 years, and served as a youth pastor for the first 11 of those years. With a group of about 100 people, Rich has been leading a group of people who wanted to be a church together, and who wanted to make sure that teenagers in the county were being reached with the Gospel, and that they were not left as sheep without a shepherd.

Rich grew up in Northern Kentucky in the baptist tradition. He has degrees from Centre College, University of Kentucky, and the College of Mt. St. Joseph. Rich has seminary training, but he has not pursued a degree in that field. In addition to working in youth ministry, Rich was a school teacher for ten years.

Rich has been supported in ministry by his wife Jenny, and his children, Levi, Aminta, Sam, Z, and Chago as well as a slew of youth and adults. His goal when coming to Morgan County 12 years ago was that all students in Morgan County would have reasonable, relational, and repeated opportunities to know that God loves them and has made a way for them in Jesus Christ.

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Service is presently held Sundays at 10:00 am  to 11:00 am, at Rankin Physical Therapy and Fitness Center, in Berkeley Springs West Virginia.

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