No one knows how long it will be until we get to gather in person, and some people have asked me about how to continue giving. If The Redeemer’s Church is your home church, you can send your tithes and offerings to:
The Redeemer’s Church
1680 Valley Rd.
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411


no gathering tomorrow at Rankins

We’ve decided to not gather tomorrow morning or evening at Rankins.  We will be worshiping, learning and praying in my family room with a few people at 10 AM.  That will be broadcast on FB Live.  Let’s hope that our not meeting together is helpful to bringing about the Coronavirus’s demise sooner than later.


Sunday morning worship

We’re going to decide Saturday about meeting together Sunday. If we don’t gather, we will broadcast something on Facebook Live to encourage and guide you as you walk with Jesus. If you have any prayer needs or anxious thoughts, let us share your burdens. If you need supplies, reach out and we will help you.


Redeemer's Church