King Jesus

When I was a child we had Vacation Bible School every summer. Every day we said the pledge to the American flag, the Christian flag, and the Bible. I remember those last two pledges even though it’s been a long time since I’ve said them. In these tense political days, I’ve been reminded of pledges I’ve made, and I’m turning my attention to my citizenship in the Kingdom of Jesus. If we invest more in the kingdom of Jesus, we won’t be as vulnerable to our feelings about the present turmoil or the future of the United States. I want to stay concerned, but I do not want to be obsessed over the latest catastrophe. To do this we need to come to know Jesus more—not just to more about him, but to know him more. Luke 5 records some of the first people who saw Jesus and chose his kingdom.
Simon Peter lets Jesus use his boat to preach. Jesus then does a miracle that fills Peter’s nets full of fish. Peter does not want to do any more fishing, but he puts out his nets because Jesus said so. In response to this man he just met, Peter immediately leaves his boat and tackle to follow Jesus.
Jesus meets a man with leprosy. The man sees that Jesus has power to heal him. Jesus touches him and he gets well. King Jesus is stronger than our greatest illness and fear.
Some men find out that Jesus, the healer, is teaching close by, so they bring their crippled friend to him. They rip off the roof and lower him down to Jesus. As we know Jesus more, we will find ways to bring our friends to him.
Jesus met a tax collector named Levi, a Jewish outcast. In a conversation that may have been only two words, “Follow me.” Levi decides to leave everything to walk with Jesus. What did he see so quickly that caused him to walk away?
You have been invited by Jesus to know him as savior, Lord, brother, friend–your very life. Press into him, and you will be pressing into the kingdom.


we are gathering virtually tomorrow

We will be worshipping tomorrow morning at virtually. You can access it on Facebook.  We’re still trying to figure how to get tuned in to Sam playing music at our house and Richard preaching at his house.   I hope you will join in with us.  We have a lot to celebrate, because Jesus has given us new life, real life, abundant life.Facebooktwittermail

meeting virtually tomorrow

Because of some Covid related issues, we will be meeting virtually tomorrow, Sunday November 22nd. Someone attending last Sunday later tested positive for Covid. If you’re concerned about whether you might be positive for Covid, there is free testing at the middle school today from 12 PM -7 PM. If you want to talk or if you need prayer, please call Pastor Rich. I love you guys. I hope you will join on FV Live tomorrow at 10 AM.



This Thursday night join us for Encounter, a time of prayer and an opportunity to use your spiritual gifts to build up the body of Christ. We plan on doing this once a month. This Thursday, October 22nd at Richard Clingerman’s house, 6 PM. We would be honored to pray for you and with you no matter what your needs are.


We’re going to be praying for everyone this Sunday

This Sunday we are going to be praying for and with each other. If you’re part of The Redeemer’s Church, and you won’t be there Sunday, expect a call around 10:50 AM from one of us. Then you can practice praying for and with someone else. I think I’m going to preach from John 17 wherein Jesus prays for his disciples. If you’re not part of The Redeemer’s Church, and you want someone to call and pray for and with you, send me a message, and we will call you. Love you all. Rich


You’ve Got to Let Somebody Love You

In June of 1988 I was about to leave Northern Kentucky to spend 10 weeks in Southern California serving as a missionary for the Baptist church . I told my dad that I was going there to “just love all those people in California .”
My dad said, “Well, if that’s all you do, you’ll be very much disappointed . You ought to think how you can let them love you. “ I didn’t understand. Dad said: “Most people have the ability to show superficial love, but few people allow others to love them.” In my journal from that day, I wrote: “I still don’t understand (what he means) but I shall.”
I know that Jesus not only loved the people that he met as he walked on the earth, but that he let people love him. One sinful woman met Jesus at a Pharisee’s house and wiped his feet with her hair and her tears. She kissed his feet—signs of her love that brought on the scorn of the religious people. Jesus told a parable and then said, “Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.”
Are you making yourself available to be loved ? One of the ways that I’ve found that I can connect with people right now is not only by offering help but by asking for help. I’ve often made myself available to love others. Maybe I should equally focus on making myself available to be loved .
If you desire to be like Jesus, then open your arms and let people show you love, affection, and care.


Look at the Love the Father Has Lavished on us.

One time that God affirmed his love for me was when I was praying in my office and imagining that Jesus was coming to visit me that evening–coming for dinner . As I imagined myself setting the table for dinner, I had a vision . I looked up from the dining room table, and I saw Jesus Christ in the front doorway of my house. Beside him, through the windows and through the doorway I saw that the rest of the world was on fire . In the vision, before I knew what to do, Jesus came to me, picked me up and hugged me . That was the whole vision . There were no actions for me to take , no rebuke, or warning for the nations , but God in his great kindness came to me to show me the depth of his love for me . I wrote a song about that vision: “If the rest of the world is on fire, and I’m with you, I’m fine.”
When I think about Jesus meeting Peter after the resurrection, I know that Jesus affirmed , redeemed, and rehabilitated Peter’s broken spirit . If you or I had been in Jesus place, and we had a chance to confront our friend after he had denied even knowing us, we would not have responded like Jesus . I might have said something like “You’ve got a lot of nerve,”’ or I might have taken a sarcastic jab: “It sure looks like you know me now.” But Jesus gave Peter three chances to affirm their relationship and to be affirmed. Jesus said, “Peter, do you love me?”
I hope that you have had some experience of affirmation from the Lord , something in addition to agreeing that the way of Christ is good and right. I pray that Jesus has come into your life and spoken deep into your heart , not only that he loves the world, but that he loves you.Facebooktwittermail

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