John 6: 53Jesus said to them, “Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.
I remember one time my mom’s side of the family got together for a reunion, and they took a picture of all the blood kin. I don’t remember this being a thing when I was a kid, but sometime I after I tricked my wife into marrying me, we were at a reunion and the matriarchs and patriarchs started calling for a picture with just the blood kin. Jenny was left out. My brother’s wives were sidelined. It was funny to us, and it was bewildering too. I don’t doubt that they had a good reason: the Greene family leaders wanted a picture of those who shared blood.
Blood is one of the ways that we are family with other people. The blood that makes you related to someone is an analogy for how the blood of Christ makes you part of the family of God. Although this physical life is real, it is also a shadow of spiritual realities. Which is more real, the blood that makes me my dad’s son or the blood of Christ that takes away the sins of the world and makes me Heavenly Dad’s son?
How is the blood of our ancestors an analogy for the blood of Christ that brings forgiveness?
We identify with our family and our ancestry. To have my sins covered in the blood of Jesus means that I have been drawn into the family of God. My family is just a taste of the family of God.
The blood of Jesus changes our identity. My last name is not as significant as the name of Jesus. God’s passion has always been for his own name to be holy, and he has given us his name—Christians.
The blood of Jesus causes God’s wrath to pass over us. There will be payment for sin. We don’t like to talk about it, but the evil in this world must be set right. People must be held to account. Because our big brother, Jesus died on the cross for us, we who believe are covered like the doorpost of the enslaved Jews hoping to flee Egypt. The angel of death will pass over us as we are receiving eternal, abundant life.
Reflect on the cross more often. When you feel worthless, remember that Jesus paid for you with his life. When you are swollen with pride remember you were evil to the point that Jesus had to die for you to live.

Blood Kin

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