When I was a child we had Vacation Bible School every summer. Every day we said the pledge to the American flag, the Christian flag, and the Bible. I remember those last two pledges even though it’s been a long time since I’ve said them. In these tense political days, I’ve been reminded of pledges I’ve made, and I’m turning my attention to my citizenship in the Kingdom of Jesus. If we invest more in the kingdom of Jesus, we won’t be as vulnerable to our feelings about the present turmoil or the future of the United States. I want to stay concerned, but I do not want to be obsessed over the latest catastrophe. To do this we need to come to know Jesus more—not just to more about him, but to know him more. Luke 5 records some of the first people who saw Jesus and chose his kingdom.
Simon Peter lets Jesus use his boat to preach. Jesus then does a miracle that fills Peter’s nets full of fish. Peter does not want to do any more fishing, but he puts out his nets because Jesus said so. In response to this man he just met, Peter immediately leaves his boat and tackle to follow Jesus.
Jesus meets a man with leprosy. The man sees that Jesus has power to heal him. Jesus touches him and he gets well. King Jesus is stronger than our greatest illness and fear.
Some men find out that Jesus, the healer, is teaching close by, so they bring their crippled friend to him. They rip off the roof and lower him down to Jesus. As we know Jesus more, we will find ways to bring our friends to him.
Jesus met a tax collector named Levi, a Jewish outcast. In a conversation that may have been only two words, “Follow me.” Levi decides to leave everything to walk with Jesus. What did he see so quickly that caused him to walk away?
You have been invited by Jesus to know him as savior, Lord, brother, friend–your very life. Press into him, and you will be pressing into the kingdom.

King Jesus

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