Christmas is wonderful-the Son of God is coming into the world. Good Friday is amazing—that the son of God died for my sins, but without resurrection the cross is a tragedy—another good man rolled under by bad people. This Easter I preached from 1 Corinthians 15 and found these truths about what the resurrection means to those of us who are in Christ.
Jesus makes me able to stand.
Jesus saves me.
Jesus makes it so that I can be comfortable with myself.
Because of Jesus I work from acceptance instead of for it.
Jesus’ resurrection guarantees my resurrection.
Jesus not only guarantees my resurrection, he delivers me from sin
Jesus gives meaning to life beyond eating and drinking.
Jesus will come for me.
Jesus makes me victorious.
My life in Christ, weak or strong is not in vain.
I hope you will cut these out and paste them on your mirror. These thoughts from 1 Corinthians can be a mirror to remind you of who you are in Christ. If you’re not in Christ, you can be. You can never be good enough to save yourself, and you could never be so bad that God couldn’t save you.

The Resurrection Changes Everything

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