I’ve been a Christian for most of my life, and I’m frustrated by my own sinfulness. The bad news is that until we leave this body, we will be subject to failure (sometimes) as sinners. The Good News is that Jesus has paid the price for our sins and he’s taken the sting out of sin, which is death. I hope that in twenty years I’m no longer dealing with some of the nagging sins that surprise me and uprise within me, but there will be sin.
In 1 John 1 we are invited to come out of the darkness and walk in the light. One of the ways to deal with sin is to walk in the light, to love the light, to be willing to sacrifice your pride, sometimes your pleasure, to walk in the light. People who walk in sin are walking in darkness, and there is (for all of us) something we like about the darkness. Forsake it. Hate it. Run from it. Walking in sin is like putting several pieces of cloth on your head and then trying to run an obstacle course. You won’t do well; you’ll hurt yourself and others. In sin you’re lost and you need saved.
One sin that I’m trying to eradicate in my life is complaining. It’s not the only sin that I struggle with, but it’s socially acceptable to talk about and probably everyone does it. A couple Bible verses that talk about complaining are Exodus 11 and Philippians 2. In the first passage, God sets fire to parts of the Israelites camp because of their complaining. In the second, Paul just tells us not to do it. I’m not going to tolerate complaining any more. If you hear me doing it, please remind me that I’m no longer a complainer. I may have to have make suggestions or even give criticism at the right time, but no more grumbling.
I know that my sin has been paid for on the cross. I reflect on the greatness of the gift of righteousness that Jesus has given me, and now I want to get these sinful weeds out of my garden.
How will I do it? First of all, I’ve made an admission to God that I’m a sinner. I’m a saint, but I’m a sinner. Secondly, I confess my sin to God who is faithful and just to forgive me and clean me from unrighteousness. Third, I follow the great command to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and to love my neighbor as myself. When I complain it’s not loving to God. It’s not loving to the people who help me, serve me food, disagree with me or have to listen to my complaining.
What will you do with your sin? Admit that you’re a sinner. Seek the truth about sin and righteousness in the Bible. Confess your sins to God. Love God and your neighbor.

What do I do with my sin?

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